Are you or a loved one feeling trapped and frustrated with your weight?

Does your eating feel out of control?

Have you tried many diets, only to finish them with a sense of failure?

Is any weight loss only temporary?

Or  do you have medical problems which can be treated by nutrition changes?

Whether you need to lose weight or want to prevent or treat an illness, we can help!  End the diet roller coaster and become a mindful, intuitive eater.  Find peace with food and weight forever, while reaching your natural body weight.




ABC Nutrition Services can help you no matter where you live.  We offer nutrition counseling services in person or online via skype.




We believe in the non diet approach to eating disorder recovery and weight loss.  A diet is a plan that may tell you when, what, and how much to eat at any given time.  Many times following a diet involves numbers and counting of portion sizes, food groups, or single foods. 
Research shows that this form of dieting has a 2 to 5% success rate in the long term.  In fact, there may be a rebound weight gain after the diet is stopped.   In order to promote permanent change, emotions and behavior change may need to be considered.  The non dieting, intuitive approach is used in our practice and we have found that taking smaller steps can be much more effective at meeting permanent goals.


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