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Ready to Stop the Yo-Yo Dieting in the New Year?

Maintaining and losing weight is something that many people strive for in the New Year. Are you tired of the yo-yo diets? What if you could still eat what you enjoy and feel great about yourself? Let’s take a look at how intuitive eating can help you.

According to an article at, “No More Diets”

women on scale“Intuitively, it makes sense that mindful eating is helpful to overeaters. It slows you down, makes you more aware of portion sizes and helps you get out of negative, automatic food habits like overeating while watching your favorite TV show. So how does it also help people who have other problematic eating habits?

In a nutshell, whether you are overeating or being overly restrictive when you diet, it’s likely that you have lost track of your hunger and fullness. This break between your body and mind needs to be healed. Mindful eating can generally help in three ways:

1) Mindful eating plugs you back into your body’s cues so you know when to stop and start eating. This can be such a difficult task if your sense of hunger and fullness has been skewed or warped by large restaurant portions, fad diets or comfort eating.

2) Being mindful can bring about better management of your emotions. Sometimes people restrict or overeat as a way to cope with negative feelings. Eating and not eating can distract you from your worries. When you have healthier ways of coping, such as mindful breathing and letting go of anxiety, you may no longer manage your emotions through your food choices. You can tolerate your emotions, as uncomfortable as they may be, without pushing them away or stuffing them down with food.

3) Mindfulness changes the way you think. Rather than reacting to food-related thoughts that urge you to overeat, overly restrict your diet or emotionally eat, etc., you respond to them. You can hear these thoughts without obeying them.” To read the entire article click here.

Want to know more about how intuitive eating can help you? ABC Nutrition Services specializes in eating disorders, such as binge eating, overeating, and anorexia. To schedule an appointment contact ABC Nutrition Services at 775-329-0505 or visit

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