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The Truth Behind Dietary Supplements

Do you or a loved one take dietary supplements on a regular basis? Have you heard about the recent study showing that dietary supplements are not as healthy as we think? The next time you choose to take dietary supplements you may want to consider, what is really in the supplement.

According to an article at, “Recent Study on Dietary Supplements”

10461741_s“Think dietary supplements are healthy and safe, right? Think again. Sure, they are in every local health food store, pharmacy, and grocery, but because of a loophole the size of the Grand Canyon in federal law, the usual government safeguards we depend on to keep our food and drugs safe do not apply to dietary supplements. But this hasn’t stopped the dietary supplements industry from making money hand over fist on products making all sorts of claims of being effective for weight loss and muscle building, often promising “natural,” quick and easy results. The market for dietary supplements is a $32 billion a year industry, and half of all adults in the United States report regular use of supplements.

And it’s not just adults. Teens are also an important part of the market for these products. A national study found that more than 30 percent of adolescents use dietary supplements of any kind regularly, while 11% had ever used weight-loss supplements, and 5% had ever used creatine, a supplement marketed for muscle building that has been linked with testicular cancer. Young people — both girls and boys, some with eating disorders and many who struggle with body image — are most vulnerable to the false promises of these products. And like most adults, these young people assume that our government will ensure supplements on store shelves are safe.

Sadly, this misconception could not be further from the truth.

These products are often adulterated with prescription medications, steroids, or sometimes even heavy metals. They are routinely mislabeled and have unclear dosing recommendations. In fact, many have actually been linked to significant adverse health effects including testicular cancer, stroke, and severe liver injury, sometimes requiring transplant or even leading to death.” To read the entire article click here.

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