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The importance of Nutritional Guidance


From the time my daughter turned one, she started a slow decline in her weight. At first, her pediatrician and I decided to give it some time since we just took her off the high calorie infant formula for premies. When we returned for her 18 month visit, she was barely on the growth chart and had not really gained weight…maybe a couple of ounces in the six months from her one year appointment. Her pediatrician gave me Barbara Cox’s name and number and suggested to give her a call to help with my daughters nutrition intake. I thought I could do this on my own and we would see positive results by her two year check up. By the time her two year appointment came, she was below the chart and had not gained weight from 18 months to 24 months. Setting aside the fact that she was a picky eater, she simply did not want to eat and when she did, it was very little. Despite the lack of food, she was surprisingly a very active child. My daughter turned 2 in March and about a week and a half after her birthday, we had an appointment with Barbara. Barbara was very insightful and clearly had the knowledge and experience to help me, as a parent, understand what nutrients I needed to give my daughter beyond the everyday foods she was given. I truly did not realize I was creating bad eating habits for my daughter by allowing her to eat whenever she wanted simply because I just wanted her to eat. In allowing this, when it came to Lunch or Dinner time, she wasn’t hungry therefore, not getting the important nutrition she needed at meal time. Not only was Barbara able to give me helpful ideas and suggestions, she also helped me incorporate a strict daily feeding plan that removed the daily grazing, allowing for her to be hungry when it was time for those important meals. Within 5 months my daughter not only was eating better, but at her 30 month checkup, she was back on the charts.

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Barbara Cox is a dietician/nutrition therapist who has an amazing gift for helping people not only lose weight but also discover what underlies their relationship with food through a wonderful program called “Intuitive Eating.”

Working with Barb helped me lose 65 pounds (!) and changed my whole approach to eating and my relationship with food. I learned that sometimes it’s not just about what you’re eating or not eating or how badly you want to lose weight – there actually can be a much bigger picture involved. And I learned that I didn’t need to always be hungry or feel deprived in order to get results.

My journey of self-discovery with Barb was filled with insight, putting pieces together, feeling wonderment and hope rather than shame and discouragement, and making progress toward healthy and long-needed weight loss.

Long story short: I would highly recommend Barb to anyone who has weight issues. If you are ready to make weight-related changes in your life, make an appointment with her today! She can provide just the nudge you need to start or continue your weight loss journey and will offer amazing support along the way. I will be forever grateful to Barb for what she has brought to my life!

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It’s not just about the food!


I’ve been seeing Barbara for several years and have made an amazing transformation – mentally. She’s helped me work through “issues” and I no longer hate my body, nor do I go from wonder diet to wonder diet. It’s about knowing why..and day-to-day nutrition and being healthy

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