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How to Get through Christmas Dinner Without Overeating or Feeling Guilty in Reno

How to Get through Christmas Dinner Without Overeating or Feeling Guilty in Reno

Do you tend to overindulge in all the yummy dishes over the Christmas holiday? Here are tips to help you from overeating this Christmas, but still enjoy all the wonderful dishes without all the guilt this holiday season.

women on scaleAccording to an article at, “Enjoy Your Holiday Dinner”

“Christmas is just around the corner, and the holiday parties and shopping marathons have begun. Sticking with Intuitive Eating can be tricky when there is so much focus on food and pressure to eat it; but remember, Intuitive Eating isn’t like a diet, which means the holidays should not pose a threat. Intuitive Eating isn’t about restriction, guilt, or obsession – it is the opposite, and so keep this in mind as you begin to step into this season filled with celebration, joy, and Gingerbread!

Here are some tips to help you along the way – I decided to do them as a countdown, so here it goes…

#1: Keep the stress levels down and the activity up.

The holidays can be stressful for many reasons – family gatherings, Christmas lists, crowded malls, maxed out credit cards – and as we all know, stress can trigger compulsive/binge eating. Try to keep the stress levels low (I know, easier said than done, right?) Take time for yourself to breathe and put things into perspective. I go crazy without my “me time” – even spending 15-30mins each night to unwind with a journal, a good book, or a warm bath can make all the difference.

Being active also helps. Now by saying “keep the activity up,” I do not mean you need to increase your activity levels – that’s your “diet voice” talking. What I really mean is remember to stay active as you normally would. Don’t skip out on your runs or walks or whatever you enjoy doing – this is a great way to relieve some of the stress and to make sure your metabolism doesn’t come to a halt*.

* for me, if my appetite is low, I actually tend to eat more because I find I am always above my fullness queue and thus find it hard to determine when enough is enough. More on that soon…

#2 Don’t show up too hungry or too full.

Just like with any meal, if you go in too hungry, the odds of overeating are much higher. This is because when you let yourself reach “starvation” on the hunger/fullness scale, your ability to measure your levels of satiety is numbed, and the tendency is to eat lots, and eat it fast.

It makes sense, right? It sort of goes back to how we evolved – if in nature we were in a situation where there was a lack of food – forcing us into starvation – then when food did arrive, our bodies would tell us to eat as much as we can as fast as we can before the next famine. So when you show up to that party and are greeted by platters of mini Christmas cookies or fancy cracker/cheese combinations, of course you are going to gorge – overcompensating for your hunger, resulting in overeating and thus numbing yourself to your satiety queues.

This is also why I say not to show up too full. Sure, having a small snack before heading to a Christmas party is a good way to ensure you aren’t famished when you arrive, but you still want to make sure you show up with a bit of an appetite. Especially for parties during the holidays, the odds are as soon as you walk in the door, there will be food available and pressure to eat. If you show up already full, you will not be able to listen to your queues if you begin to eat because they’ve already told you they are full. And I personally find the more I eat over my “limit” the more I continue to eat because my sensors are already shot.” To read the entire article click here.

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