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The Battle Against Overeating in Reno

The Battle Against Overeating in Reno 

Do you find it difficult to not overeat or overindulge in your favorite foods? Here is a tip that may help you the next time you feel the urge to overeat.

health-magnifying-glass-over-background-with-different-association-terms-vector-illustrationAccording to an article at, “Eating Habits”

“It’s easy to overeat. In fact, overeating is pretty much built into our culture.

We can blame it on “super-sized” servings, lack of traditional meal times, foods that are engineered to make it impossible to stop eating… the list goes on and on.

So how do you fight back? What are some secrets to self-control?

Browsing through the research, I have discovered some very surprising ways you can eat less – and lose a lot without trying.

Weight loss trick #1: Eat in Front of a Mirror

The next time you find yourself alone with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Iowa State University researchers put 320 hungry college students in a room with some bagels and three different types of cream cheeses: regular, low-fat, and no-fat.

Half the participants faced the mirror, and half were blissfully ignorant.

While both groups tasted the no and low-fat versions freely, those looking in the mirror were less apt to slather on the regular cream cheese.

In fact, they ate 32 percent less of the full-fat cream cheese.

(This tip gives new meaning to the words watching your weight, doesn’t it?)” To read the entire article click here.

For more solutions on how to overcome overeating, contact Barbara Cox at 775-329-0505 or visit

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