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Exercising at Any Cost

Exercising at Any Cost

Do you have a loved one that your concerned about their exercise routine? Learn how exercising can be actually unhealthy when taken to an extreme and when it’s important to seek help.

healthy childrenAccording to an article at, “Exercise Routines Taken to an Extreme Level”

“As we enter 2014, everywhere I turn I’m seeing commercials for home video programs promising body transformations; I’m receiving countless offers for weight-loss and fitness programs; and I cannot open a magazine without being inundated with exercises guaranteeing a better, leaner body.

It’s the time of year where conversations seem to center around people’s New Year’s resolutions to start the latest, greatest fitness craze or just to exercise more. Juxtapose these scenarios with individuals that feel as if all they can think about is exercising. They feel compelled to exercise no matter how they are emotionally and they forgo everything until their workout is finished.

A question I hear a lot during a patient’s initial assessment is, “How can exercise be a problem if I’m supposed to do it because it’s good for me?”

To me, the answer lies between a balance between healthy and unhealthy exercise. How do you know when you may be exercising for the wrong reasons?

Below I’ve included NEDA’s comprehensive list of unhealthy exercise red flags. If some of these or all of these bullets describe you, it may be time to seek help.

  • Constant preoccupation with an exercise routine or intrusive thoughts about exercise that interfere with your ability to concentrate and focus

  • Finding time at any cost to exercise, like cutting school or taking time off from work

  • Exercise is your social life – you turn down social activities so as not to miss your scheduled workout

  • You feel overly anxious, guilty or angry if unable to exercise and you can’t tolerate changes or interruptions to your exercise routine

  • You exercise alone to avoid having your routine disturbed

  • Your exercise is driven primarily by a desire to control your weight, shape and/or body composition

  • Food choices based solely on exercise (you exercise as a punishment for eating “bad foods,” to purge calories or you overly restrict what you eat if you can’t exercise)

  • You lie about exercise or you always exercise alone” To read the entire article click here.

To learn more about how ABC Nutrition Services can help you heal from an eating disorder, contact Barbara Cox at  (775) 329-0505 or visit

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