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How to Resolve Eating Disorders at Different Stages in Life

Did you know that women can develop an eating disorder later in life? It may also be that they have been struggling to find the right treatment, which leads to a chronic eating disorder? Are you looking for the right treatment for you or a friend in need of help?

According to an article at, “chronic eating disorders in midlife”

The development of anorexia, bulimia, or a related disorder in midlife is relatively rare, although it is becoming more common. Usually, an individual develops an eating disorder during adolescence and it continues in some form into adulthood. This might be because the illness went undiagnosed, the person was unable to find or stay in treatment, or the disorder appeared to be fully resolved early on, but resurfaced sometime later. This article addresses chronic eating disorders in midlife and how to approach them.

Resolving the Eating Disorder at Different Stages

Eating disorders can be complicated and challenging to treat no matter when they begin. Generally, the longer someone has the illness the more difficult it is to change or resolve. An eating disorder that has been a part of someone’s life for 10, 15, or 20 years is different than one that has existed for a few months. Over time, the person with a chronic eating disorder feels she has fewer and fewer other options to cope with emotions and other facets of daily life. She also becomes less connected to other people as a consequence of the illness establishing itself as her strongest, if not, primary, relationship.

Often, a recent disorder will not have become as embedded in someone’s life, and in such cases a goal of treatment may be to entirely eliminate the problem. With a chronic condition, a more reasonable objective may be to develop additional coping strategies and ways the person can have a gratifying life, despite the presence, to some degree, of the illness.”

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