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Learn How to Trust Food

Has food ever felt like it was your enemy? Want to learn to trust food and feel good about your choices? No more feeling guilty about eating your mom’s homemade meatloaf and mashed potatoes but enjoy and trust yourself.

Say No To Dieting

According to an article at, “the no diet registered dietitian approach”

“Registered dietitians don’t get to make a wish each March for National Nutrition Month. But if they did, Michelle Gallant’s might be this: for everyone to just stop dieting.

It sounds a bit strange. After all, Gallant’s job is to help people eat better, a mission that conjures an image of a food-pyramid-wielding spoilsport out to replace our burgers and milkshakes with spinach and whole grains.

“People think of us as the food police,” Gallant said one afternoon in her Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) office. “But I call myself the no-diets dietitian.”

As one of only two full-time clinical dietitians at HUHS, Gallant juggles many duties at the University. She counsels clients with eating disorders, advises patients with diabetes or high cholesterol on their food choices, and educates everyone from bewildered freshmen to busy graduate students to new parents on how to manage meals.

But Gallant is best known for her classes on intuitive eating, which she has taught through HUHS since 2009. Over the course of 10 Wednesday evenings, her small group of chronic dieters — some students, some staff, some spouses, almost always women — learn to rewire their relationships with food and redefine what it means to be healthy.

“To see the energy that people are wasting being preoccupied with food and body image and weight, it’s debilitating,” Gallant said. Americans’ obsession with dieting and the elusive ideal of fitness “has totally colored the way we eat. It’s made eating a project and a chore, instead of one of life’s great pleasures.”

The goal of intuitive eating, she explained, is to help people “unleash that energy they’ve put toward food to do better things in their own lives and in the world.” In the seven times she’s taught the course, she has heard success stories. One of her students started a band. Another found the courage to take up belly dancing. A third put that energy toward academics and wrote an award-winning thesis.

It sounds a little too feel-good to be true. But as more studies show that fad diets don’t work long term, Gallant and other dietitians are starting to advocate not for a set of foolproof nutritional rules, but for a psychological transformation in the way we view food and weight.”

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At ABC Nutrition Services Barbara Cox R.D. believes in the no-diet approach. If you’re looking to get healthy and wanting to stop dieting, ABC Nutrition Services can help click here to contact Barbara Cox to set-up an appointment.




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