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What is Intuitive Eating in Reno?

Do you ever feel guilty when you eat? Maybe you’re feeling unsuccessful with your eating habits and choices? Heard of intuitive eating and the no-diet approach? Learn what intuitive eating means and how it can help you.

According to an article at, “Intuitive Eating”

“Intuitive eating is a term created by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elise Resch, in their book by the same name.

It describes a way of discerning food choices by inner cues: hunger, satiety, food preferences and true desire, rather than by trying to control eating through externally imposed rules and/or diets. So for example, someone who has been trying unsuccessfully to achieve a goal through dieting might instead begin to “listen” inside for their body’s signals of needing to eat or to stop eating, and to be very honest about what they are actually hungry for. This approach is spectacularly controversial. Despite the fact that diets are notoriously unsuccessful, we have a multi-billion diet industry within and outside of our health care system that clings to the simplistic notion that weight loss is just a matter of variations of “calories in vs. calories out.” This ignores the complex web of genetic, environmental and psychological factors that influence body weight.

Intuitive eating actually incorporates three threads: the “Non-diet Approach”,

“Health at Any Size,” and “Mindful Eating” The non-diet approach reflects the reality that only a very few people are able to lose weight permanently through dieting. Weight loss diets must be judged by their long-term benefit, and so far, no diet (or medication) of any kind has been demonstrated to give lasting results in long-term follow-up. All but some 1-5% of people who lose weight through dieting have regained all the weight they lost, and often more, by one or two years, and certainly by the five-year mark.”

Not happy with your eating habits and looking for help in the Reno area? ABC Nutrition Services in Reno specializes in treating eating disorders and follows the no-diet philosophy. For more information on how to contact Barbara Cox of ABC Nutrition Services visit

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