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Teens: Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

The teen years can be a difficult time. Are you worried that your teen is becoming obsessed with their weight? Let’s take a look at warning signs of an eating disorder.

According to an article at, “Teens and Eating Disorder Warning Signs”

7207410_s“What are the signs of a teenage eating disorder?

Many young people – as many as 70% of teenage girls, and a smaller but growing number of boys – go on diets.

“Anorexia in boys can often show up as excessive exercising as well as under-eating.”AMumInScotland

But teenagers with an eating disorder go much further. They might fast, skip meals, make themselves sick, or take diet pills or laxatives to reduce the calories they’re digesting. They may also exercise compulsively in an attempt to burn off large amounts of calories.

Are very strict about what they eat, sticking to a very narrow set of foodsOther signs that your teen may have an eating disorder are that they:

  • Are inflexible about what they eat
  • Avoid situations where they might have to eat more than usual
  • Lose weight (although teens with bulimia might have an average or just slightly below average weight, and teens with binge-eating disorder may be overweight)
  • Act secretively
  • Visit the bathroom frequently, particularly after eating
  • Exercise very frequently (this may even consist of things such as helping you bring the shopping in bag by bag, or offering to help with the housework; such seemingly helpful behaviors could be your teenager’s attempt to burn off more calories)
  • Eating disorders tend to make young people depressed and withdrawn, and they may also be aggressive, especially if you ask them about their eating regime and why they don’t eat more
  • Feel cold often and sometimes have insomnia” To read the entire article click here.

Talking to your teen about their weight can be a difficult topic. If you’re concerned that your teen may be suffering from an eating disorder contact ABC Nutrition Services at 775-329-0505 or visit


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